MB Star C5 2021 SD Connect with 2021.06 software HDD SSD D.A.S/ D.TS/ for Mb diagnostic tool Toughbook CF30 4G laptop | Автомобили и

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MB Star C5 2021 SD Connect with 2021.06 software HDD SSD D.A.S/ D.TS/ for Mb diagnostic tool Toughbook CF30 4G laptop | Автомобили

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MB Star C5 2021 SD Connect C5 with 2021.06 software HDD SSD D.A.S/ D.TS/ for Mb diagnostic tool with Toughbook CF30 4G laptop

Package List: 1pc x Toughbook cf30 4G Laptop (95% New,high quality)used 1pc x full set of MB STAR C4/C5/C6 software 320GB HDD or 360GB SSD(optional) Our store also sell deffrent models laptop(CF19/CF52/X200T/d630) .If you need another model of laptop or other size HDD/SSD, please contact us. Introduction about Software for MB Star C51.Support Wireless function2.Newest Software Version: 2021.06Newest3.Newest Hardware Verison:  OS:2.3   CSD:2.11, Firmware updatable.4.MB STAR C5+320GB HDD OR 360GB SSD(Optional)5.Update to SSD, fast speed! and Our SSD is brand new quality! NOT second-hand! Software for Ben-z V6/2021:1) D...: The automatically Diagnosis Assistance System2) X...: New software(V6.2021) released to diagnosis new cars.3) H...: Add for old car testing4) W..: Workshop Information System5) S F..: Part location finder6) SD M.. : Video and PDF lessons7) P 73..: Price List to find out how much price by input the parts number8) V..: support offline programmin9) D M..: if buy with laptop, we will activate it before shippin10) Others.. If you want to see More Software Display photos please contact us  This update was:1).x-entry das updated to 2021.062). WIS updated to 2019.073).vediamo updated to V 05.01.014).dts monaco updated to V 8.14.0165).The price inquiry system will be new to pl73  2019.01.016). DAS added offline programming until 2014.127). Added offline programming for SMART 450 451 4548). DAS added 204 models9). Added DAS special function password free PKW and SMART10). Added DAS exemption to change vehicle torque function11). Audio Video Navigation and Telematics - HU Exchange Audio 50 to COMAND Password Free12). Added audio video navigation and telematics - Add development menu in COMAND APS.rar13). Added advanced user added SMART 451 special features14). Added advanced user added SMART 454 special features15). Unlocked special features require password functionThe difference between 13.32 bit and 64 bit is 32 bit more HHT function, other functions are the sameNFZ: Provide free passwords for NFZ when performing SonderFunktion (Flash / Programming) Notice about MB Star C5 and Software1.Please don't install many and other unknown software, antivirus software,browser (for example For Firefox and For Google); 2.Please don't change its normal Setup, for example IP address,Parts and others. If it is your reason to make the device can not work,we may can offer assistance 1-2 times, but can not always do that! 3.Please don't copy this HDD/SSD by yourself. 4.Please NEVER insert batteries into SD C5 /C4 Multiplexer, or you will damage it. 5.When the c4/c5 Multiplexer screen show ldquoCheck Batteriesrdquo, Please Never insert batteries into SD C4/C5 Multiplexer,or you will damage it
Toughbook CF-30 Laptop (95% New,high quality)

Hardware configuration:

CPU: core (dual) L7500 faster 1.60 GHZ


serial plate screen: 13.3inch, 1024 x 768 resolution Gao 

 Pen and Touch: pen inp ut Available

CF30 compared to CF19:

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